The Nevidebla Group is a collective dedicated to bringing you commentary and entertainment relating to the the realms of Gaming, Anime, and just general Geekdom/Nerdom. We aim to do this via written content along with podcasting and other visual means. Here is the schedule of content available every week:

Mondays: fmpanda Plays

Tuesdays: Pants Plays

Wednesdays: Rumm Plays, Neviquest (Monthly)

Thursdays: Thoughtful Thursdays with Adan

Fridays: Flash Fiction Fridays

Saturdays: Nevidebla Versus

Sundays: Nevicast

For anyone who misses our livestreams of content, we always upload our playthroughs to our YouTube page as well as the website, so you can stay caught up with all of the group’s activities day in and day out!